DEVLOX Influencer Partnership Program

The “DEVLOX Influencer Partner Program” is a program designed to spread the world of Roblox to more people in collaboration with our influencers. By participating in this program, influencers can showcase their creative talents and deepen their connections with the Roblox community.

Program Features:

  • Non-exclusive Agreement: This program offers flexible participation without restricting influencers to other platforms or activities.
  • Posting Requirements: Participants are required to create 8 TikTok videos per month. These videos must be related to specified Roblox experiences.
  • Compensation: Compensation varies depending on the activity but is set within the range of $500 to $5,000 per month. This amount can vary by project, so it should be considered a guideline. ※Amounts are affected by exchange rates.
  • Plans for Continuous IP-related Project Requests: This program plans to continuously offer projects related to specific Intellectual Properties (IP) within Roblox. This allows influencers to engage with various themes and content, further expanding their creativity.


  • Assumption
    • You will be rewarded for creating 8 videos per month on the specified guidelines.
  • Amount of compensation:
    • 10,000 yen (approximately $66) will be paid for each submission of a play or introduction video for a given experience.
    • In addition, incentive compensation will be paid based on the number of views.
  • Attention:
    • Payments are subject to foreign exchange rates. Compensation amounts are based on Japanese yen.
    • Even if you have more than 8 submissions in a month, you will not be eligible for rewards after the 9th video. However, you may decide arbitrarily which videos are eligible for rewards.
【Compensation and incentives per video】
If a video is viewed 1 million times, the reward for that one video will be about $660.
※If you complete the production of 8 videos in a month, compensation will be generated.
※Additionally, the payment amount is in yen and may vary due to exchange rates.
TermsYenDollar(In the case of $1=150 yen)
BasePer video production about a given experience and update support.10,00066
Incentive(1)100k+ views / one month10,00066
Incentive(2)500k+ view / one month25,000166
Incentive(3)1M+ view / one month55,000366

Video Submission Guidelines:

  • Do NOT violate TikTok's terms and conditions.
  • Do NOT post content that offends public order and morals.
  • Tagging "#pr.”
  • The content must not be defamatory of IP or destructive to the world view.

Payment Method:

PayPal is the only payment method.
※In addition, the amount of payment is based on Japanese yen and is paid according to PayPal’s exchange rate.
※If you live in a country where PayPal is not available, unfortunately you cannot participate in this program.

Payment Timing:

Basically, payment is made at the end of the following month after the month-end closing. You will need to issue an invoice.


Can anyone participate in this program?
Program participation is subject to screening. Please understand this in advance. On the other hand, influencers from any country have the right to participate.
Do I have to participate in all projects that are assigned to me?
No. Please only participate in those that match your activity policy.
If I fail to create 8 videos in a month, will I not be paid?
You will not receive any compensation.
Is the video all about Roblox?
Yes, only content related to Roblox is assumed.

How to Participate:

If you are even slightly interested, please contact us via DM on TikTok or X (formerly Twitter) or email us.
Hiromasa Chiyokawa(chiyo)

Company Information:

DEVLOX Inc. We provides services including Japan's largest Roblox creator community, training for Roblox developers, and a matching service for job opportunities.
  • Address:#425 BIZ SMART YOYOGI1-25-5 Yoyogi,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to,Japan